slap!, founded in Los Angeles in 2003, defines a loose population of designers, scientists and theorists with a specifically reconfigured team to accommodate each project and area of investigation. slap!'s primary interest lies in the research of emergent ecologies as interlaced synthetic systems, organizations and structures empowered by cybernetics and the development of new media.

  The relations between virtual and physical space are tightly interconnected, and at times interchangeable, creating an increasingly complex condition of highly sophisticated space defining processes. slap! explores modes of transposing and exploring visualizations of urban conditions and experiential space; exploring the intersection of virtual and material space, by developing and deploying computed neural systems to stratify data into different levels of logics defines changing modes of communications and new experiences.

  Our early experience with practices of visual cultures engaged drawing by hand, photography and super8 film, all focused on narrative and experiential space. slap!'s practice has since evolved and expanded by integrating a variety of disciplines to develop new processes of data visualization and the synthesis of ideas into architecture and urban projects. To create responsive, negotiable space and less-prescriptive designs for architectural intervention was the starting point that leads our interest in cybernetics.

  The projects are multidisciplinary and include evolving organizational principles repositioning architectural practice; working with new materials, using computed communication and production processes, computer aided manufacturing, emergent systems, responsive environments, interactivity, cybernetics and open ended algorithmic systems design.