SLAP! Los Angeles – is an international consortium of researchers in architecture, sciences, sound and media arts engaging speculative visions in architecture and worldmaking.

SLAP! designs and constructs structures of past and future time-space objects calibrated as extensions to the human body and mind. The work articulates the shift and threshold of thinking that relates to an era that is entering a new systemic time period where knowledge and experience are organized into non-linear events. We explore and critically engage modes of experiential body/mind/space events by developing and deploying generative computational systems that form stratifying information flows by transposing scientific environmental data streams into frameworks of experiential and perceivable values.

Jean Michel Crettaz
with Aaron Bocanegra, Mark-David Hosale, and Duly Lee

Southern California Institute of Architecture, Art Gallery
January 25th – March 9th, 2008, Los Angeles, California.

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Quasar 2.0: Star Incubator

Jean Michel Crettaz and Mark-David Hosale
with Duly Lee, Micaela Neus, F. Myles Sciotto, Marco Verde

Nuit Blanche, Toronto 2012, End of the World exhibition
September 29th, 2012, in the parking garage of Nathan Phillips Square, from dusk until dawn
IMUM COELI [pendulum field]
Jean Michel Crettaz and Myles F. Sciotto
ACADIA 2013, Waterloo. Canada, October 24-26 2013
International Conferenace for Computer Aided Design in Architecture